You can

MarkdownIME doesn’t require any stylesheet. However, to get best visual experience, please prepare your own gorgeous stylesheet, or copy one from the example


Enhance all editors inside the window


Enhance one editor

MarkdownIME.Enhance(document.getElementById('editor')); // vanilla DOM element.
MarkdownIME.Enhance($('#editor')); // jQuery's array-like stuff.

With TinyMCE, Quill and more

To use MarkdownIME with TinyMCE, Quill, WangEditor or other rich editors, the best practice is to follow the examples!

(Maybe) Full Example

MarkdownIME has NO dependency, and you can use it with just a content-editable element.

Demo on CodePen:

<div id="editor" contentEditable="true">
    <p>Input your text here...</p>

<script src="/path/to/MarkdownIME.js"></script>
    var editor = document.getElementById('editor');


Every API is under MarkdownIME namespace; you shall add MarkdownIME. prefix.

var editors1 = Scan(window); // Wrong :(
var editors2 = MarkdownIME.Scan(window); // Correct :)

Basic API


Return all content-editable elements inside the window, which could be enhanced by MarkdownIME.


Enhance one or more editor, making MarkdownIME work on.

editors could be a content-editable HTML element, or an array of HTML elements.

Return one or more MarkdownIME.Editor instances if successful.


Scan and enhance all editors, then show a notice.

Return nothing.

Math Renderer API

By default MarkdownIME renders TeX formulas via service, which might be kinda bad.

You can integrate other renderer, eg KaTeX, by writing a custom renderer function.


The renderer function accepts two arguments: TeX formula string, and a useless boolean. Once rendered, this function returns the Element Node. If failed to renderer, returns null.

function myAmazingMathRenderer(formula, isDisplayMode) {
    try {
        var element = MarkdownIME.elt('span', { "data-formula": formula, "title": formula })
        katex.render(formula, element, { throwOnError: true })
        element.firstChild.setAttribute('contenteditable', 'false')
        return element
    } catch (er) {
        console.error("KaTeX failed to render: " + formula)
    return null

// Use our new renderer

Advanced API

Please read the source code.


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