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Imagine a rich textbox without any button, it’s easy if you try.

MarkdownIME provides a fresh way to write well-formatted text. Just type in markdown-ized stuff, and your texts get formatted on-the-fly!

Works like a charm on mobile devices, too!


For users who know Markdown

It’s plugin-free!

Load MarkdownIME

Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.

When you want to use it on a rich-text editor (eg. Evernote), just click the bookmark and start Markdown!

If you are in trouble, submit an issue, and tell me where and how you meet the problem.

  1. Some websites may not allow external scripts and the magic bookmarklet might not work.
  2. Only contentEditable editors are supported yet; MarkdownIME will not work on the editors with other technology (eg. OneNote, Google Doc).

Browser Extension

Not for now. If you are willing to support, you can buy me a coffee or see what you can do on GitHub. Thanks!

For developers

Interested in using MarkdownIME on your website? Read this simple manual!

Just a few lines of Javascript, and that’s all.


MarkdownIME supports most Markdown syntax. Just type in Markdown style, and press Enter.

Learn more: Markdown Basic

Supported Markdown Syntax

Inline Elements


  1. Emoji feature is provided as an add-on. It’s loaded automatically. Works better with twemoji.
  2. TeX equations feature is provided as an add-on, which will NOT load by default. Learn more from the source code and the comments.

Block Elements

Simple table

You can make a table by typing the header row like | header | goes | here |.

When editing a cell, press Enter to insert a row below.

Press Enter key twice to exit the table and start a new line of text.

Besides, MarkdownIME allows you to use common hotkeys to navigate from cell to cell, with Tab, Shift + Tab, Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.

Supported Editors

Contribute / Troubleshooting

Well, I’m not really good at Javascript-ing and I need your help.